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You Only Need One Baking Tool to Decorate 3 Easy (and Cute) Halloween Cupcakes!

This basic baking tool will help you make darling cupcakes for Halloween.

By Lauren Tippetts and Alex Daynes

We love a festive treat that isn’t a huge hassle. Ashley Mitchell, of @TinyBirdBakeShop, recently shared three easy cupcake designs with us. Not only are they totally doable for the at-home baker, you really only need one piping tip to pull them all off! The major player here is the Wilton Large Round Piping Tip.


Wilton Large Round Tip, $9.98

Use it to make big swirls of frosting that result in a gourmet-looking finish!


To really add some finesse to your Halloween cupcakes, you’ll want a few more baking tools in your arsenal.


Wilton Petal Tip, $5.99

Use this piping tip to create mummy bandages on the top of your cupcake.


Piping Bags, $10.69

Stock your kitchen with disposable piping bags! No need to fuss with sticky frosting in the sink. Just pull another one out of the box and you’re ready to go.


Pink Halloween Sprinkles, $10.99

No cupcake is complete without a sprinkle topping! This mix totally fits into the pink Halloween trend that is so big this year.


Eyeball Sprinkles, $14.99

Bring some personality to your spooky creatures with eyeball sprinkles! Use them on Ashley’s mummy cupcake and then drape the bandage frosting over top.


Now you have the baking tools you need to make the cutest Halloween cupcakes on the block!


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