Organize Your Media

But organization expert, Sarah Kimmel says it doesn’t have to be so. She shares her five easy tips for keeping your entertainment systems simple to use and in good shape.


Five Easy Tips for Organizing Your Media:

Tip #1: Buy a Universal Remote Control

Get a handle on remote control clutter with a universal remote and Logitech’s Harmony Remote gets high marks for simplicity. Simply plug the remote into your computer; add your devices; tell it which device should control what; and then update the remote and you’re good to go!

Tip #2: Invest in a System Selector

Most people have more than one device hooked up to their TV and a system selector allows you to use your media without unplugging everything else. There are different types of system selectors and you need to find which will work best with your systems. If you have a more recent TV and DVD player then most of your connections will be either component of HDMI.

Tip #3: Create Storage

The unpardonable sin is to have a CD or DVD out of its’ case, and there are a few easy steps for simple storage.

1. Keep discs in their original case.

2. Hold discs by their edges so the oils from your fingers don’t cause damage.

3. Return discs to their proper location.

4. Store movies in alphabetical order versus genre, it will make locating a disc much easier.

5. Keep discs away from small children.

Tip #4: Keep Track

When you start to have an extensive collection of media, it is important to keep track of what you own. Use an excel spreadsheet to list DVD’s, CD’s, and games. If anyone borrows something, write their name next to the item to keep track of where everything is.

Tip #5: Update

Old VHS tapes and CD’s just create clutter. Go through your collections and clean up!


Sarah Kimmel is the co-creator of the Daily Home Planner you can visit her website and read her blog at

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