Reading Success: The Role of Grandparents

Bob and Kathi Garff, founders of the Ken Garff Road to Success program share their tips for helping the grandchildren you love, love books.


The role of grandparents in reading success:

1. Give books as Christmas or birthday gifts. Personalize your gifts by writing a little note in each book you give your grandchildren.

2. Read them the books you read to your own children (their parents). Tell them how much their father or mother loved the books. Include books that have rhymes and poetry. Find books that are not always serious, but playful so that you can laugh together. Teach them to learn simple rhymes and deeper more thoughtful poetry.

3. Ask them to retell their favorite books in their own words. Have them describe details and define certain words used in the books.

4. Encourage them to read out loud – this allows them to feel the expression and emotion in themselves. Children need to learn confidence in their own voice. They learn to listen as well as to express. Tell them to read with a little drama!

5. Play travel games – such as spelling words, reading road signs, finding letters of the alphabet, and rhyming words.

6. Volunteer at your grandchildren’s schools. Attend their school programs, ask what they are studying in school and let them know you value their education.

7. Always let them know how happy you are to be with them.


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