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Organized Baking Supplies: 5 solutions that will streamline your kitchen

Make your time in the kitchen easier with organized baking supplies.

Baking supplies can be tricky to store, whether you’re an avid baker or just starting to dabble. It won’t take long to organize and reclaim your kitchen space with these quick and easy tips!

Cake Baker Emily Friend shares her organization hacks for cake decorating supplies. Having an organized kitchen helps her to streamline her baking, and having things tidy makes for a more enjoyable experience as well!

Emily shared nine more tips for baking organization here. You can also connect with her on Instagram at @BritishGirlBakes.


How to Get Organized Baking Supplies

  1. Store food coloring gels in a nail polish case to help them not tip over or spill.
  2. Store cake combs in a wooden dishwashing rack for easy access and visibility.
  3. For cake stencils, store them in clear plastic dividers in a binder with a pocket. You can even include tabs to make them even easier to spot.
  4. For storing cake pans put the small pans inside the big ones and they’ll balance the next layer of pans for easy stacking.
  5. Use a craft box to store piping tips. Either place one tip in each section, or group them together like star tips in one section and open stars in another, petal tips in one section, and grass and leaf tips in another.

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