“Over the Hill” Coffin Cake

Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter explains how.


This is a fun cake for an “over the hill” birthday party. Add a tag or write on the cake a message that states: “We mourn the passing of your youth.”

Supplies needed:

9″ x 13″ or 10″ x 14″ baked cake, unfrosted and frozen

Black icing*

Pipe cleaners

Fresh flowers

Pastry bag and star tip

Ribbon (opt.)

* To make black icing, add black food coloring to chocolate icing. This makes a much deeper and nicer black color. It also takes much less black food coloring.


1. Cut frozen cake in half lengthwise.

2. Place one cake piece on tray or cake board.

3. Frost top and add second piece to create a long rectangle with two layers.

4. Take a sharp knife and cut around the top layer creating angled edges. This will create the “lid” of the “coffin.”

5. Use a pastry bag and star tip to pipe up and down covering the entire bottom layer of the cake.

6. Use the same up and down motion to cover top and sides of the “lid.”

7. Pipe a reverse shell border around the bottom edge of the “lid.”

8. Place an arrangement of fresh flowers on top of the cake.

9. Write a message on a ribbon using a permanent marker and place among the flowers.

10. Cut pieces of pipe cleaner and bend to form

handles. Place three down each side of the cake.

Note: This cake would be fun for Halloween. Add a bunch of plastic spiders and bugs crawling out of and around the cake.

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