The Business of Marriage: A Million Dollar Marriage

Dino Watt has a way to create a million dollar marriage and a Fortune 500 family.


Here’s an outline for a successful marriage plan:

“Contract Law”: It has to be official.

It’s not a business without a contractual agreement. Sole proprietorships don’t get the same benefits as corporations. “Playing house” does not give you the same benefits and respect as couples who are actually married. Statistically, couples who live together don’t last as long as people who are married. Laying a sturdy foundation means setting up the best win/win cotnract for both parties. Equal partnerships never have a dominaant partner; they always use the strength of the individuals. When setting up your relationship, have specific, detailed discussions on all aspects of your present and future, not just about what color the flowers are going to be at the wedding. You need to know everything about each other, be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and your expectations. There needs to be honest talk about how many kids you both want, will the wife work or stay home with the kids, how close you want to live by your perspective in-laws. All those details have to be understood and agreed upon before entering into a contract as important as marriage.

If you are already married, you might need to have a real good heart to heart on the things that are working and how to expand on them, and then come up with a game plan for the areas that need improvement. You are joint CEO’s and have to remember that the “NO” has the power.

Evaluations: Reconnecting on a dialy basis.

Progress reports and evaluations are essential for any growing company. This allows them to see where they are, where they are going and what need to be worked on. Every marriage needs daily get-togethers, with no distractions, to talk about the household. This is not a whine session. It is a constructive update. A good time to implement this is during “Pillow Talk”. This requires both spouses to go to bed at the same time. Topics to discuss: Summary of your day, good things that transpired, challenges that need to be addressed, what’s going on tomorrow, things needed for house or each other, discipline and praise needed for kids, any miscellaneous topic not suitable for discussion in front of the kids.

Team Building: Continual courting.

Successful companies know that employees who enjoy their enviornment will build strong relationships with each other through creative work and off-site activities, thus producing more value for the company. Continual dating, vacations and alone time is a must. The only way to keep in touch with each other is to be in touch with each other. Time with the family is definitely important. Time with each other is vital. The time you spend developing your relationship and continuously falling in love over and over again will be a huge teaching tool for your children that they will hopefully emulate in their lives.

Tough Recruiting Process: Marriage is more enjoyable than dating.

Companies that want to grow and become successful don’t hire just anyone. They have a tough and challenging recruitment process. Then once they hire the best they can find, the work and development part comes easy. Why is it that people generally say, “Dating is fun” and, “marriage is tough”? In reality, shouldn’t we view it to be the exact opposite? Dating with the purpose of finding a life-long spouse is a rigorous process. Fining a compatible person who shares your values and goals, that’s the hardest part. Once you’ve committed to someone and have successful systems in place to nurture the relationship, that’s when the real fun begins.

We don’t have “Problems, we have “Challenges”: Reframing a situations to be a positive

When Fortune 500 companies run into financial or company issues, you never hear the CEO say they are having “Problems”. They will always refer to certain challenges they are up against. Then they disucss how they will overcome or rise to the challenge. When we reframe what we would normally call a problem and make it a challenge, it becomes something your mind recognizes as an obstacle you can overcome and ultimately win. Problems are often looked at as negatives, and most people go into fear mode and are paralyzed into inaction. If we look at them instead as challenges, our brain immediately begins working on solutions. Our subconscious is empowered to help us work through it and win.

Hostile Take Over: Children and the dynamic they bring

Successful businesses know beforehand what their plan of action is when it comes to handling insubordination from an employee, or how to position themselves if a larger company came in and wanted to buy them out. Unfortunatley, kids don’t come with a company handbook, Discipline and rewards for the kids should be discussed well before kids are born. Then once they are here, the family rules and consequences should be clearly explained. Consistent follow through is imperative, as is maintaining a “United Front” as the parents. Nothing sabotages a marriage quicker than when one parent undermines the other in front of their children. It should be well understood by everyone involved that Mom and Dad’s relationship with each other is the #1 priority and the kids are second. The moment either spouse emotionally places a child before the other spouse, problems will arise.

Marketing/Advertising: Keeping the spark alive

Businesses that do not keep up with the latest trends or continually market to their customer base will not be in business for very long. Finding new clients is only part of the battle. Long term retention of loyal clients is the key to a company’s ultimate success. During the dating process both parties involved usually do everything they can to attract the other sex. Too often, once the “catch” has been caught, one or both spouses begin to relax their appearance. Now that they are in a long-term relationship, maintaining a fabulous outward appaerance doesn’t seem to be such a high priority. This is backwards to how it should be. It makes more sense to look our best for the one we love, not for that blind date we’ll never see again. It’s each spouse’s responsibility to take care of themselves physically, mentally, spirtually so they are always bringing their best self to the marriage.

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