Over The Top Valentine Boxes

Studio 5 shows off a few over the top valentine boxes.

Follow Jennifer Broome’s step by step instructions to re-create her amazing valentine boxes:


The bird cage was made with dowels that I soaked in hot water for a couple of hours and then bent them to the shape I wanted. The bottom frame was made by cutting a piece of wood (purchased at home depot along with the dowels and hardware.) 12×12 and attaching it together with L-brackets. The top was cut from the same wood to 4×4. I drilled holes and stuck the dried dowels through. I spray painted the whole thing red. The perch and the handle were cut from a thicker dowel. The birds and hearts were cut from paper. The platform is a 12×12 box (purchased at xpedx) that I wrapped in fabric. The frame was glued to the box using hot glue. Last I attached a ribbon along the bottom edge.


The cake was made from three boxes (purchased at xpedx) sizes 4x6x6, 6x8x6 and 8x10x6. I cut a 2×4 slit in the top box for valentines to be dropped into. The bottom of the top box was mostly cut out along with the top of the middle box to make room for lots of valentines. I wrapped these in wrapping paper (purchased at xpedx). I wrapped 4 different ribbons around the bottom to look like piped icing. The flowers are punched with a heart shaped punch in bunches of 6 and held together with a brad. The candles are straws cut to length, painted with glue and rolled in glitter. The flames are cut from gold tissue paper.


The toilet was made using a real toilet seat and flusher (purchased at home depot cheaply). The box was approximately, 14x24x10 in size. The back of the toilet is foam board cut to the width of the box and hot glued to it. I laid the toilet seat on top and traced the inside hole. I cut the hole out using an exacto knife. Still using the exacto knife I cut two small x’s near the back and punched the screws through. To place the handle to the back I cut another small x and punched the back of the handle through and hot glued it into place.

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