Dress up your old furniture in a brand new way!
Designer Danielle Oakley shares how O’verylays can add a punch to your dressers, tables or shelves.


O’verlays are decorative fretwork made from a lightweight pvc composite. They are a new product only available a couple of months ago. Since they are only 1/8″ thick and paintable, they can simply be added to almost any piece of furniture. This product easily transforms furniture from standard to custom looking. I also love how versatile they are, a DIYers dream come true. They are currently offered in 5 different patterns, the Gigi, Danika, Cheryle, Olivia, and Caci. You can purchase them online and they only cost about $17.00 per panel.



O’verlays stock standard fretwork panels that fit the Ikea Rast dresser and the Ikea Malm Dresser. The panels add so much versatility to those inexpensive dressers. Here are the Olivia panels painted gold with a black Ikea Rast dresser. I love how chic it feels.

This is the same Ikea Rast dresser but painted in pink with orange Gigi panels. It is fun and playful. The color possibilities are endless.

Coffee Tables:

I love this coffee table. The Cheryle fretwork panels were simply added to the exterior of the table and completely transformed it. What a great way to get a custom high end look for less.

Console Tables:

I think console tables are the perfect place for this product. I love seeing a unique piece of furniture when I first walk into a home. They placed the fretwork on the bottom of the table, which added a unique flair to such a simple table.

Fretwork Tutorial:

I have this bookcase in my daughter’s room and although I love the glass doors, the mess inside has always bothered me.
I originally purchased this cabinet from KSL classifieds for $30.00 and painted the outside blue and the inside white. I then ordered custom GIGI panels for the glass doors. Adding the fretwork to the glass doors was very simple.

Step 1: Prime the panels with primer used for plastic

Step 2: Paint the panels

Step 3: Add adhesive tabs to the back of the panels

Step 4: Stick panels on doors.

Danielle Oakey is a designer and blogger. She is passionate about creating beautiful and unified spaces on a budget. She offers online and local interior design services. You can contact her at danielleoakeyinteriors.blogspot.com for more information.

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