Papa Murphy’s “Best Dad” Winner

Papa Murphy’s “Best Dad” Winner

All this week we’ve been telling you about the Papa Murphy’s Greatest Dad Search. Jared Mcdougal from Papa Murphy’s is here to announce the winner of this Father’s Day contest.

After receiving hundreds of emails from wives, kids, and even mothers, Papa Murphy’s has chosen John Black as the Papa Murphy’s “Best Dad Contest.”

John wife Kim sent this email about why John deserves this title:

“He is the father of 9 girls! We’ve had children with asthma, one so severe that she had to be life-flighted and put into ICU. This made him want to go back to school to get his paramedic degree. We live in a rural community and help isn’t usually quick. So to help keep our family safe he went back to school. He loves his family more than anything and cherishes the times they have backpacking, hiking, running races, and dancing. He is a great Dad and does all he can to make our lives better and safer. We love him!”

John receives a year’s worth of pizza from Papa Murphy’s and the “Best Dad” honor. Papa Murphy’s loves to give back to the community, and this is just one way to thank all men for being great dad’s this Father’s Day.

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