Summer at “This is the Place” Heritage Park

Summer at “This is the Place” Heritage Park

New projects at “This is the Place Heritage Park” are making the historic park an even more exciting destination. Now, a new garden reception building will make the location perfectly suited for gatherings, receptions and parties.

Marged Kirkpatrick, from This is the Place Heritage Park explains about this summer’s new additions.

Currently under construction at This Is The Place, The Garden Place and The Walk of Pioneer Faiths mark a significant event in Utah’s historical chapters. When they are completed and dedicated on June 29, 2011 by Bishop Wester of the Catholic Diocese and representatives of nine of the founding religions, they will join the great Monument at This Is The Place as a landmark celebrating the many faiths which continue to contribute to the rich fabric of Utah’s culture.

The Monument, originally known as “This Is The Place Monument” was erected in 1947. It was conceived, promoted and erected by a state appointed commission composed of representatives of the various faiths in Utah: The Holy Catholic Apostolic, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, The Roman Church, The Holy Orthodox Catholic Apostolic Oriental, the Protestants, and the Jewish. The committee was also comprised of select citizens along with representatives from Native American tribes. Today, at the mouth of Emigration Canyon this iconic sentinel keeps watch over the vast Salt Lake Valley, marking the spot that heralded the beginning of the settlement of Utah and the West.

The Garden Place and Walk of Pioneer Faiths join 46 historic buildings and features currently offered as part of the experience at the Park. Guests can pan for gold, ride ponies and trains, pet farm animals or visit the Blacksmith, Tinsmith, and Saddlemaker. They participate with dozens of historical interpreters doing everything from carding and spinning wool to learning how the ancients crafted arrowheads. The Park hosts hundreds of weddings, receptions, reunions, youth activities and corporate events…whew…and still has time to entertain over 30,000 of Utah’s school age children along with over 200,000 guests that visit the park each year. The Gift Shop at the Visitor Center is one of Utah’s best local and national destination shopping experiences.

This Is The Place for Everyone!

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