Paper Pennant Banners

Debbie Damjanovich, from Making Memories shows us how to put them together.

1. Start with 6×6″ squares of patterned paper (Just Chillin’ Girls Collection). Mark the center of one edge and cut to that mark to form triangles, or flags. Cut as many flags as you will need for your banner.

2. Use the SLICE die-cutting machine and the FaLaLa design card to cut scallop circles from textured white cardstock (cut one for each flag).

3. Paint each scallop circle with Pearl Glaze – sprinkle with light pink glitter immediately (while the glaze is still wet). Allow to dry, then shake off excess glitter.

4. Use a sewing machine to stitch each circle onto a flag. (if you don’t want to stitch them on, glue them down securely)

5. Cut letters from paper with Slice (Basics 2 design card), and place on scallop circles

6. Embellish several of the letter circles with butterflies – die-cuts, chipboard, stickers, etc.

7. Glue (or stitch) ribbon to the top of each flag to form a banner – be sure to leave extra ribbon at each end to hang the banner

8. Add jumbo brads to each end.

This project was created by Wendy Anderson.

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