Sweet Paper Flower Bouquet

Candice Needham with The Book Table in Logan explains how to make it.


• Cookies

-Pepperidge Farm Veronas

-Murray Shortbread flower cookies

-Anna’s Chocolate Mint Thins

-Shortbread Stripe Cookies

• Candy

-Gum Drops
-Trolli Peach, Strawberry,or Lime rings
-Dipped Carmel Chocolates

• Skewers

• Tape

• Paint Can or vase

• Floral Foam

• Shredded Paper

• Die Cut Flower

• Embellishments


1. Chose a container for your pot. For example a paint can, a real pot, or a glass vase.

2. To embellish the outside of your box cut a piece of paper 4 in wide and 12 in long. It will take two pieces to cover the entire outside if you are using a paint can. Attach the paper with double sided tape all the way around. Then simply add whatever embellishments you want to it.

3.Take a brick of soft floral foam. Hot glue the bottom of the foam to the paint can. you want the foam to stick out of the top about 1 in.

4. Now take your skewers and slide on one gum drop. Then layer with a paper cut out flower, then layer with a cookie, a candy, and end with another gum drop.

5.Stab the skewer into the foam. Continue until you have a least eight or more flowers made.

6.Arrange flowers all over and add whatever else you would like by attaching it to a skewer. Some ideas are pin wheels, butterflies, dragon flies, pictures, or quotes.

7.Take your shredded paper and use it to cover up any foam that is showing. You can also use moss if you would like.

Remember just have fun with it…you really can’t go wrong!

For all of your paper project and scrapbooking supply needs, visit:

The Book Table

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