Parenting the Tech Generation

We asked local author, and parenting coach, Maggie Stevens to offer her thoughts on how to parent the tech generation.

Important things parents should remember when dealing with kids and technology:

1. Technology is important in today’s world. It is an incredible learning tool for our children.

2. You cannot protect your child 24/7 from technology.

3. Build your children from within so they can withstand.


1. Keep all forms of technology (Internet, Television) in the center of the traffic in your home. Not in bedrooms, dens, theatre rooms, etc.

2. Join your child in using technology. Connect on Facebook or Twitter. Show interest in the websites they visit. Introduce them to websites you have found. Learn how to text.

3. Discuss the negatives involved with technology on a continual basis.

4. Make sure your child is involved in additional activities away from technology.

5. Have fun with your child. Interact in face to face conversations away from a screen.

6. Be involved with your child.


1. Do not be frightened of technology.

2. Do not set strict limits or become the ENFORCER.

3. Do not leave your children at home alone for long periods of time with nothing to do.

The Kaiser Family Foundation recently reported 8-18 year olds spend over 7 and a half hours using entertainment in a typical day. Read more here:

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