Partner Guard

David is the President of Computer Parenting, an organization that not only protects children online, but adults too.

The Internet is a wonderful place, but if you aren’t careful it can destroy your relationship. For example, it’s fun to reconnect with old acquaintances on social media sites, but what if your spouse has an affair with one of his or her online “friends” from the past? Or, what do you do if your spouse engages in casual cyber sex thinking it’s ok because there is no physical contact with the other person? Or, what if your partner has on online addiction that leads to divorce?

Online pornography is extremely addictive and destructive. It is becoming an epidemic. I know of a number of marriages and engagements that ended because the spouse or fiancé had a pornography addiction that was out of control. Gambling and shopping addictions can ruin a family financially. Video gaming and other computer activities can become so time consuming that the relationship suffers.

To treat addiction you have to create a safe environment. Imagine trying to lose weight with a plate of hot chocolate chip cookies, or whatever your favorite treat is, sitting on the counter all the time. This is what Internet addicts have to deal with. The computer is always there and within two clicks they can get what they are looking for. It is also very easy to keep computer activities secret.

In addition to getting addiction counseling, you need to create a safe environment. You could toss the computer in the dumpster. Or, instead of getting rid of that plate of cookies, let’s put them in a jar, lock the lid and point a video camera at it. Then we’ll install those laser beam things from Mission Impossible. If you try to get a cookie, it sets off alarms and your mother-in-law jumps out of the pantry with a wooden spoon and slaps you on the wrist. In essence this is what Partner Guard software provides.

Partner Guard removes temptation by removing the secrecy. Partner Guard stores a complete history of everything that happens on the computer, including screen shots, on a secure server where it can’t be deleted. The addict selects a trusted partner to help like a parent or spouse that can check this history anytime. The instant a rule is violated: the window is closed and a text message is sent to the trusted partner. The trusted partner can see what is going on and take control of the computer remotely from any Internet connection, even from a cell phone, and deal with the addictive behavior. For example, they can remotely lock up the computer, and call the addict. Best of all Partner Guard is the only addiction prevention software with patent pending tamperproof technology that keeps the addict from disabling it when they are “in the moment”.

The program is not just for treating online addiction. It is also for preventing online addiction and affairs from happening in the first place. We have had colleges students buy this product for themselves and ask their parents to monitor them at school. Couples use it to protect their marriages. It’s not that you don’t trust each other. It about removing temptation! Do you really want to leave that plate of cookies sitting out there for your loved one? For yourself? Image down the road you are going through a divorce, because of an affair with an online “friend” or because of pornography addiction. What if you could have prevented it? Don’t wait to protect your relationship.

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