PB Crave: A Peanut Butter Blast

PB Crave offers four mouthwatering, natural peanut butter blends — each mixing many of your favorite flavors with premium peanut butter — for a new twist on an old classic. But they are so good, you might not want to waste it on the kids’ sandwiches.

Amy Richardson shares her ideas on how best to enjoy the new peanut butter spreads.

Razzle Dazzle

Cookie Nookie
CoCo Bananas
Choco Choco

Amy’s favorite ways to enjoy PB Crave:

Coco BananasPeanut Butter on Sea Salt Caramel Ice cream

Cookie Nookie Peanut Butter on warm cinnamon rolls

Razzel Dazzle white chocolate raspberry Peanut Butter on miniature cream puffs

Choco Choco Peanut Butter spread on chocolate biscotti

Other general ideas:

Heat with a little heavy cream and use as a topping for ice cream

Stir into vanilla frosting for cakes brownies, graham crackers, cookies

Spread on cookies and a scoop of ice cream to make an ice cream sandwich cookie

Use as a spread on crostini with fresh fruit for a sweet Bruchetta

A breakfast Parfait with vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit, granola and a peanut butter swirl

Warm and use as a filling for sweet rolls

Grilled peanut butter and fresh bananas, peach, raspberry, or strawberry paninis

Stir into a cup of hot chocolate or white hot chocolate

Warm and dip plain cake donuts, coat with chopped sea salted peanuts

Use as a filling to make peanut butter filled pastry twists with a vanilla glaze

Spread on top of Rice Krispie treats top with a thin layer of chocolate

Mix with cream cheese, and marshmallow fluff for a fruit and cookie dip

Spread on Pancakes and waffles serve with whipped cream fresh fruit and a little syrup

Fold into whip cream for a cake filling

Stir into oatmeal top with fresh fruit and maple syrup

Peanut Butter filled crepes with fresh Bananas or Raspberries and whipped cream

Mix with cream cheese form into a ball roll in chopped nuts, and serve with crackers and cookies

Everybody loves peanut butter. Or, in the case of Curt Riess, everybody loves PB Crave Premium Peanut Butter.

Curt was raised on traditional peanut butter -and hated it. Everything changed the moment he tried a delicious mix of peanut butter, raspberries and mouth-watering chocolate. In fact, he loved this new twist on an old classic so much, he created his own peanut butter company and after 40 years of avoiding peanut butter he is now eating it nearly everyday.

Curt’s Peanut Butter Company soon developed four unique PB Crave flavors. The exciting new peanut butter is produced by Sweet Harvest Foods in Cannon Falls, MN — where we’ve focused on uncompromised quality, discriminating taste and unwavering integrity for nearly 100 years.

For more information, or to order PB Crave, visit http://www.pbcrave.com/

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