Photo Session Pointers

Photo Session Pointers

We all love to look at gorgeous family photos. The ones full of passion,
personality and energy! So how do you get the specific look you want, from
your own photo session? It’s all about knowing what to ask for, before a
photo shoot!

Photographer Sara Boulter shares the 6 things everyone should communicate
with their photographer before a photo session.

Getting what you want from a photo session….

1. Find a photographer that fits your style, not the other way around. (ie,
don’t go to someone who has a vintage style, and ask for modern etc.)

2. Choose a location

· Studio vs. Outside (if you choose outside, do you want country or

Country: orchard, barn, mountains, field etc.

Urban: downtown, city life, grungy texture, colorful, etc.

3. Emotion or “feel” of the shoot

· What do you want the images to convey? Love, romantic, connections,
fun, silly, candid, sexy, quirky, etc. Show who YOU are, and how can it be
best shown in photographs?

4. Ages, stages, milestones, phases, etc. What specifics to capture?

5. Relationships

6. Clothes (these can make or break the photo and feel of the shoot)

· Formal vs. Casual? Colorful vs. Muted? Simple vs. Heavily Styled?

7. Specific requests

· Do you have a particular frame you want to fill? Tell your photographer
to shoot for it. (i.e. portrait vs. landscape orientation etc.)
Sara specializes in maternity, birth, newborn, child, family, senior and
wedding portraiture.

Check out Sara’s website, or email her at info@saraboulterphotogra

# 801.550.6445

– newborn, family, and wedding photography–
serving Utah and surrounding areas.

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