Photographing Your Hobbies

Photographer Lacey Jane Pappas says why not take pictures of your hobbies? After all, they’re part of who you are.

A few tips for success:

Tip 1: Keep your camera out and accessible.

Tip 2: Take your photo when the thought comes.

Tip 3: Don’t be lazy when it comes to carrying your          camera.


Photography is probably one of the more popular hobbies right now, and as it should be, because of how fun it is. But, how do you, as a photographer, take pictures of this hobby? Take self-portraits. Self-portraits are a great way to develop self-expression and learn more about your camera. Take a portrait of your reflection, or take a photo of yourself in Polaroid. Take a photo with someone else/using a tri-pod. Take photos in a fun environment. (like a picture of you taking a picture) Work on your stills by taking pictures of cameras that inspire you.


Your garden can be a tremendous source of inspiration. Be sure to take pictures of your veggies, flowers, and fruits to show off your gardening skills. You could also take pictures of flowers you’ve arranged for your home.


Who doesn’t love to travel? But, rather than take the “usual” tourist type of pictures, try and find inspiration in your vacation spots. Collage like photos together or just focus on the little things that make your destination spot memorable.


Many people don’t think they’re able to take pictures of a favorite hobby like music. Even if it’s just looking at your instrument in a different way, try something new! Get up close and personal. Find the details in the strings or in the texture of the wood. Get creative with the color. Throw a scarf in on the side or play with the colors.


A lot of us enjoy hiking and it’s another great way to get inspired and take a lot of pictures. Be sure to take your camera with you, even if you’re worried about packing it along. Notice all the little details like flowers, signs, waterfalls, a bug, etc. as you go.


Some of us may not think of this particular activity as a hobby. However cooking is a great hobby! Take advantage of snapping pictures of activities you spend a lot of time on like baking/cooking. Make a collage of the baking process or get creative with the photo process. Also, add style to your food goods. Stack them, style them, create a festive background – whatever fits your taste.


Share your reading passion with photos. Books are a fun way to work on taking pictures of “stills” and work on propping them. Take picture of book with an object like reading glasses. Stack the books, showing off your favorites or even a genre. You could even add yourself to the photo with a finger pointing to the words on the page or a hand holding the book. You’re the artist, get creative!

Lacey Jane Pappas is a photographer and pianist. To learn more about Lacey’s photography, visit or visit her blog at

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