Pier 49 Pizza: Pizza and More

Pier 49’s Mike Dicou comes to Studio 5 to demonstrate a Greek Salad with special dressing that you’ll love to incorporate for special occasions or for a quick and nutritious meal adding a
chunk of french bread.

Pier 49 now offers Gluten Free Pizza for customers suffering from gluten alleriges.
After several requests from customers, Pier 49 chefs realized that gluten allergies affect a lot of people, so they did some research on the subject and found a manufacturer that made gluten free pizza crust. So they made it available to their customers.

The Gluten Free Crust is available in all their stores. Customers can simply ask for the gluten free crust and put whatever toppings thye would like on it.

In May, Pier 49 will celebrate National Teacher Appreciation by offering all teachers in the state of utah a coupon for one free 8″ pizza. They will distribute the coupons through each school. Teacher can expect those coupons in May.

Through the years, Pier 49 has been a huge supporter of education and teachers. They want to express their appreciation for all teachers and what they do to help shape future generations.

And be sure to get a copy of today’s recipe at KSL’s website.

To find out where there’s a Pier 49 Pizza near you, go to www.pier49.com

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