Top 5 Active Family Vacations

Doug Wren, an A-List travel executive, and father of two, has traveled the globe with his family. He shares his Top 5 “Active Family” Vacations for international travel.


1. Costa Rica – My favorite destination for families.

• Great exchange rate – $1 = 500 colones.

• Safe – No army since 1949, highest literacy rate in Central America.

• Eco Adventure – Zip lines, kayaking, biking, surfing, trekking, waterfalls, active volcanoes, rainforests, cloud forests, river rafting.

• Educational – Birding, butterflies, national parks (25% of country is protected territory)

• Time Zone and Distance of Travel – Mountain Standard Time, 4 hour flight from Atlanta.

2. Guatemala – Impressive ancient ruins – Tikal

• Exposed to new cultures, UNESCO World Heritage sites

• Like Costa Rica, easy to get to and great to get your “feet wet” with International Travel.

3. Holy Land – Israel with options to Egypt and Jordan. Grandparents are taking sons and daughters and teenage grandchildren on this once and a lifetime trip.

• Lots of walking, floating in the Dead Sea.

• More educational than a leisure vacation.

4. Amazon – Piranha fishing, Alligator spotting, Jungle trekking, swimming with pink dolphins. Tree top lodge accommodations.

5. Disney Cruise

• Caters to young families.

• Great shore excursions.

• Active or inactive as you want to be.

• Children with disabilities or allergies are very well cared for.

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Doug is co-owner and founder of Wren & Fida International a privately held company specializing in group and incentive travel to international destinations. He is recognized by Travel & Leisure Magazine as one of the top travel executives in the U.S. making their A List the last three years running. A featured speaker for international airlines and trade organizations, Doug also trains travel agents on specific destinations. You can hear Doug on the KSL Radio Travel Show every Sunday giving an “A List Report”.

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