Plan Your Next Gathering With A Little Wedding Inspiration

“DIY” (Do It Yourself) wedding decor was a huge trend in 2011 and will
continue to be very popular in 2012. Brides love the individualization and
originality that DIY details can provide to their intimate gathering. But you
don’t have to wait for a wedding to try out these hot trends.

Designer Ashley Winn shares ways to incorporate the hottest wedding
trends at a more intimate gathering.

Couples of 2011 are steering away from grand ballrooms and more
towards smaller venues for a more intimate setting. But why wait for a
wedding to have an intimate gathering?!

Here are a few DIY wedding trends to add personality to your intimate

1. Watercolor Invitations:

If you are going to host a party, you will need to let people know they are
invited. One of the first things on the “to do” list are the invitations. A hot
wedding trend this year is watercolor invitations. Set the tone for your
gathering with beautiful hand painted invitations that looks like a piece of

2. Tin Can Flower Arrangements

2011 was the year of the Mason jar. In 2012 it is all about the soup can!
Arrange flowers in an assortment of tin cans for an extremely cost effective
and unique table centerpiece.

3. Mint Lemonade Party Favors

Party favors are a wonderful way to personalize a wedding. This favor
would be extremely time-consuming for a large event, but for your
intimate gathering it is perfect. Fresh Squeezed Lemonade favors packaged
in a pretty Italian bottle (from Ikea!) or glass mason jars.

4. Ribbon Chairs

Many of us may have rolls of ribbon left over for the holiday season.
Instead of stowing the ribbons away in a box until next Christmas, add a
whimsical look to your special gathering by tying them to the back of your
guest’s chairs. Best part is you can still use the ribbons next year.

About the Designer:

Ashley Winn is an interior designer based in Salt Lake City and specializes
in residential and wedding design. Her work has been published in both
Utah Style& Design, UtahBride and Park City/ Salt Lake City Bride& Groom.
Her passion for traveling and living abroad has sparked a genuine love for
design and people. Her hands-on design approach is uncanny; working
closely with clients to ensure the vision for each project is executed
seamlessly. Ashley Winn strongly stands behind and implements her
company’s design philosophy that your home should tell a story of who you

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