Laci’s Latest: Old-Fashioned Valentines

Our “Laci Latest” series is about all things trendy and modern, but we today
we go back to a day when you couldn’t spell check your love letter. In light
Valentines Day, we wanted to bring back some old-school Valentine charm
with heartfelt, handwritten love notes. So, Studio 5 Contributor Laci Davis
the streets to get you to put that pen to paper!

Here are some last minute Valentine ideas you can pull off in no time, for
sweetheart, girlfriends, or children

· Colorful notecard/envelope set, Target, $12

· Cookie Valentine,
. Make your favorite cookie recipe and put it in a C.D sleeve for
presentation – (source)

· Make a big statement on your friends door with a heart post it!

· These are some adorable free printable’s floating around on the web.
Ideas for healthy
, french valentines, valentines
, Cute signs,
valentines, cards

· Happy packaging makes any treat over-the-top! Run into Orson Gygi or
your local Zurchers for some great packaging ideas!

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