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Planning a Wedding Online

UtahBrides.Com Offers BrideAccess.Com

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Weddings can be a great time but can also be a stressful because of the hundreds of details, keeping family members happy and the inevitable costs of putting on a celebration.

That’s where comes in. It was started as a resource to give brides immediate access to all the information they need to plan their wedding. But now, is also This new name, soon to be rolled out as a national website and television show, has all the local features that brides have come to love but gives them access to other areas. Brides will be able to find professionals in other areas.

For example, Los Angeles is already part of the BrideAccess network with San Diego, and Las Vegas starts in September. With so many couples meeting on the web and at school and often from different cities, it’s a great idea for BrideAccess to give them all the tools they need but let them stay in the same website.

Utah Brides has always been able to view online videos and portfolios of Utah’s best wedding professionals and services. At your fingertips are not only access to interactive financial planners to help plan and budget, but you’ll find design tips, counseling tips and because there is so much great information, there is even the ability to create your own space in the website to keep all your information organized.

It keeps track of your favorite vendors while, with a click of a button, you can scrapbook your favorite ideas, such as dresses, cakes, flowers, photos, videos, music or even view videos of locations. You can then decide to share that information with your mother, best friend or even a wedding coordinator. Whenever you come back to the website, it remembers all your information.

Even if you’re not engaged and just want to plan, you’ll still be able to register. Many users are actually not engaged yet but just want to see what their dream wedding would cost and look like and then start budgeting and planning for the future.

Mother’s love it because it opens up a dialogue about finances which are usually overlooked until the engagement takes place.

You can even look at what the weather would look like on your special day. Mark Eubank, well-known local meteorologist, has compiled data to give you “predictions” of what your wedding day has looked like for the last 30 years. You have access to hourly temperatures, sunrises, sunsets and chances of rain or snow.

As each new city is added to the website, there also will be a wedding weather report for each city. Currrently you cna get those averages for Los Angeles. Las Vegas and San Diego are being developed soon.

The official new website will launch in July.

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