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Collapsible, adjustable, float-able! This is the pool toy your kids will go crazy for…

By Lauren Tippetts

A day at the pool is all fun and games until you have to round up the pool toys. The kids are already dry, and they have to jump back in for those sinking diving rings. Or, better yet, they’re asleep, and the rounding up falls to you! Make your job a little easier and grab a set of these.

Swim Thru Rings, $12.99

At first glance, they may not look like much. But take it from us, this is the stand-out pool toy of summer. Here’s why. First, they collapse. Big ring=transport problem. Small ring=toss and go! Don’t worry about adding one more thing into your already full hands. Just fold ’em up and stash them in your pool bag!

Second, they adjust. Not size, but depth. They can float near the top of the water, or, they can hang suspended like an underwater obstacle course! Each ring has an air chamber that controls how low or high they go. Mix up the depths and make a mermaid training run!

Last, we’ll mention again, they float. No more diving back into the pool at the end of the day to get all the toys. They’ll just be there for you, floating on the surface. Don’t thank us now. Thank us when the sun goes down on a pool day success.

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