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Toss the brush! Lose the soap! These water bottle tablets are life changing…

By Sadie Nielsen

We all have our favorite tumblers, water bottles, or hydration packs we use for summer! You can clean them out with a bottle brush. But…is it really clean?! I questioned if my favorite tumblers were, and I discovered that brushing them out with dish soap just wasn’t cutting it.  

So instead, I found these cleaning tablets that I’m OBSESSED with now:  

They’re called Bottle Bright Tablets. You can get 12 tablets for $8. The number one item I was looking forward to clean was my hydration pack for hiking. I always felt like it was only half-clean, you know, with those weird white stains inside of it. But after I used one of these, it looked so much better (and the water tasted better too)!  

The Ingredients

I was a little concerned about what was in the tablets. I don’t want drink from my water bottle or pack if it has chemicals in it! But these tablets aren’t made with anything that will harm you, everything is natural.  

How to Use ‘Em

They’re super easy to use. Just fill up the bottle or pack you need to clean with warm water, drop in a tablet, and let it fizz for up to 30 minutes. Then empty the bottle and give it a quick rinse! No scrubbing needed (which was one of my favorite things about it)!

You can take these anywhere: camping, hiking, just keep a few handy in your purse! You will never have to worry if your favorite drinking accessory is dirty ever again.  

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If you just want to start drinking more water, this bottle will be your new best friend.

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