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The Power of ‘What If’: 3 questions that will unlock the optimist in you

Some “what if” questions can help you be more optimistic in daily life.

In a world often fixated on “what could go wrong,” there’s a refreshing perspective that urges us to consider the brighter side.

Author and speaker Connie Sokol introduces a game-changing approach—leveraging the potential of ‘what if’ questions to navigate life’s uncertainties with optimism.

Find more advice from Connie on her website, conniesokol.com.


The Influence of “What If” Questions

Connie introduces the idea that the simple phrase “what if” holds power. She discusses three impactful questions designed to shift our perspective and invite positivity into our lives.

  1. What if today goes unexpectedly well?

Connie shares her insights on tackling the anxiety, or “morning dread”, that many people experience when they wake up. By asking, “What if today goes unexpectedly well?” individuals can shift their focus to the positive possibilities of the day.

  1. What if I was successful at this?

Connie wants you to question your own capabilities. By asking, “What if I was successful at this?” you can challenge self-doubt and take more risks.

  1. What if this is exactly what I need?

Connie wants you to consider that the current situation is precisely what you need. This question encourages individuals to see challenges as opportunities for growth and positive transformation.

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