“The Child First and Always”

Presented by Sharon Goodrich, Primary Children’s Medical Center Foundation Director

• Primary Children’s Medical Center believes in “The Child First and Always

• Primary Children’s cares for children of the Intermountain region regardless of their ability to pay.

• Primary Children’s receives the most critically ill children in the Intermountain West.

• Of the 50 freestanding children’s hospitals, Primary Children’s is the 12th largest, has the seventh highest level of acuity (most critically ill), and has the very lowest charge per case.

• Primary Children’s is the only full-service pediatric hospital in the Intermountain West equipped to care for the total child.

• Primary Children’s 755 -member medical/dental staff specializes in every pediatric subspecialty, from anesthesiology to urology, and psychiatry to liver transplantation.

• Primary Children’s has an 85-year history of love and concern for children. The hospital began in 1922 when the LDS Primary Association President and Counselor were convinced children needed a place of their own for medical care.

• When donating to Primary Children’s Medical Center, 100% of your donation helps children.

What’s Happening at Primary Children’s Medical Center?

Patient Simulator
Primary Children’s acquired a high-fidelity simulator. The simulator is a life-size pediatric mannequin (named “George”) that is connected to a computer. Clinical scenarios can be programmed into the computer, and the mannequin will respond the way a human would respond. He breathes oxygen, exhales CO2, has palpable pulses and measurable vital signs … and he even speaks!

Pediatric Palliative Care Program

A new program called “Rainbow Kids” was implemented at PCMC in 2006. Rainbow Kids is a consultation service available to any child who is experiencing a life-threatening illness. The program is here to help both the child and family deal with feelings, symptoms, and concerns during a time that may be confusing and overwhelming. Teams are available to assist with treatment goals, such as cure, stability, or comfort care.

Children’s Surgical Unit Acquires 17 New Beds
On January 29, PCMC’s Surgical Unit opened 17 new beds, bringing the total number of beds to the unit to 37. The new beds are located on the third floor. The new area also includes a large treatment room with a bathroom and 4 remodeled rooms. The new area sports an underwater theme and includes a large mural, sea horses, dolphins and starfishes painted on the pillars and handrails for patients and families to enjoy.

Fetal Heart Center
The Fetal Heart Center at Primary Children’s became an official entity in the fall of 2006. The purpose of the center is to improve the care of infants with congenital heart disease through early fetal detection, prenatal planning and expedient management after birth.

Other Ways You Can Help Primary Children’s Medical Center

Primary Children’s has a long tradition of using homemade quilts on the patient beds. This tradition continues because of the generosity of kind-hearted quilt makers, young and old. The size most needed by the hospital is 72 x 90 inches. Quilts should be made of good materials such as cotton or flannel. Because the quilts must be washed in disinfectant and hot water between patients, they only last a few months. Though the term of service is short, quilts are much loved by the children.

Another tradition at PCMC is Child Life Dolls. These gingerbread man-shaped dolls are personalized by each patient and used to help explain medical procedures in a non-threatening way, and provide a friend for the children to hold on to. Guidelines for the quilts and Child life Doll patterns are available at the hospital.

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