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Some of the factors that can lead to abuse and neglect of children are when parents: feel isolated, lack appropriate parenting skills, have unrealistic expectations for children, experience high economic stress, have more children than the parent is prepared to nurture, have children with developmental irregularities, or experience chronic illness.

When one or more of these stressors are present, children often become targets for their parent’s misdirected frustration, anger, and worry.

But instead of acting out on their children, parents can take them to the safe, nurturing care of the FSC Crisis Nursery.

Crisis Nursery care is available to any parent who needs it. No fee is ever charged for nursery use.
Care at a Family Support Center’s Crisis Nursery is provided in renovated older homes with warm, homelike atmospheres, situated in quiet residential neighborhoods. Crisis intervention by the clinical staff is available 24 hours a day. Rotating shifts of house parents, directed by a Crisis Nursery Director, provide 24 hour, 364 day per year care. (the Nursery is closed on Christmas.)
Foster grandparents and trained volunteers also assist in caring for children. Many of the house staff are bilingual, which ensures access by all members of Salt Lake County’s diverse population.

Children under the age of 12 can stay in a crisis nursery for up to 72 hours each time they are admitted. Each nursery can house as many as eight children overnight. Since the Crisis Nursery Program began in 1977, the Family Support Center has provided over 1,000,000 hours of crisis/respite care to young children in danger of abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

In order to use the crisis nursery, parents must first call the center and speak to a crisis nursery staff person. The nursery is available 24 hours a day for crisis use. The staff person will determine if usage is appropriate and the length of stay. Parents can call 487-7778 (Sugar House Center) or 255-6881 (Midvale Center) to speak to a staff person.

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