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Jeff Rhineer, from explains how the online tool can keep you safe.

A recent Gallup poll cited identity theft as the “top-ranked crime concern” among Americans with 66% reported to worry “frequently or occasionally” about becoming a victim ( In 2008 the FTC reports that there were nearly 10MM victims of identity theft. A recent report released by Javelin Strategy and Research shows that over 11MM Americans fell victim to identity thieves in 2009 costing consumers about $54 Billion. This reflects an increase of about 12% from the previous year.

There are many ways that people fall prey to identity thieves. A lost or stolen wallet, information stolen from your home or office by a known associate or family member, outgoing mail stolen from an unsecured mailbox, viruses and spyware on your personal computer, and sensitive information carelessly discarded in the trash are just a few of the ways that identity thieves collect valuable information. Identity thieves are continually getting more sophisticated in their methods of harvesting information. Repairing your identity once a breech has occurred can take hundreds of hours and cost thousands of dollars. It is much easier to take some simple steps to deter identity thieves than it is to repair the damage once it is done. Some of the ways you can deter thieves are, only carry the essentials in your wallet and keep an inventory of what is in your wallet in a secure place so you can quickly cancel credit cards in the event that your wallet is lost or stolen. Avoid carrying your Social Security card with you. Shred any sensitive documents, including pre-approved credit card applications before you throw them away. Take outgoing mail to a secure mailbox, especially when paying bills.

Monitor your credit regularly. The absolute safest thing to do is subscribe to a credit monitoring service. When a thief gains access to your information it will be used within days or weeks. A good monitoring service will know the instant a thief tries to unlawfully use your information. offers top tier identity theft protection. Your personal information is constantly being monitored and protected with FamilySafeLife’s sophisticated and effective technology. Within your FamilySafeLife subscription you will be able to access your updated TransUnion credit report and score up to 360 times a year without negatively impacting your credit score. And in the unlikely event that your identity is compromised, as a FamilySafeLife member you will have access to professionally trained recovery experts and you are covered for financial losses up to $1MM.

Protect yourself for just $14.95 a month or your family for just $19.95 a month. Annual subscriptions plans are even less. Go to to get more details and to sign up. Use promotional code KSL to get the pricing above.

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