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Q&A With a Relationship Expert: Dr. Matt Townsend answers viewers’ personal questions

Our relationship expert answered questions from our viewers.

Studio 5 Relationship Contributor Dr. Matt Townsend has been sharing his advice with us since season one. It’s season eighteen, and we feel lucky that we can continue to draw upon his extensive knowledge, so we decided to really take advantage of it.

Viewers submitted their own personal relationship questions for Dr. Matt. The questions were vulnerable, personal, and a little complicated. But there’s no one we trust more than him to give guidance.


“My kids are still around and busy, so how can I stay close to my husband?”

Matt stressed the importance of setting aside quality time. He said regular date nights and open communication are essential for keeping the connection strong, even amidst the demands of raising children.

“What’s your advice for an empty nest couple living in a sexless marriage because of lack of connection?”

Matt highlighted the significance of emotional connection and vulnerability. By revisiting shared experiences and meaningful conversations, couples could reignite the passion and closeness they once had.

“How do I maintain sibling relationships when dealing with matters of inheritance?”

Concerns about inheritance often lead to tensions among siblings. Matt advised clear communication and proactive planning. By openly discussing wishes and values, families could prevent conflicts and maintain harmony.

“I need help dealing with my anxiety.”

Matt addressed the common struggle of anxiety, emphasizing self-awareness and holistic coping strategies. He encouraged individuals to explore mindfulness and reframing techniques before turning to medication, empowering them to manage anxiety effectively.

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