Quick Bathroom Cleanup

Cleaning guru Sandra Phillips has tip for cleaning the bathroom in less than 4 minutes. She’s literally written the book on cleaning. She is the author of the book “A Clean Break.”

Tips for Cleaning:

1. Be sure all cleaning supplies are out of the reach of children. Don’t be casual about this.

2. Leave Tang, Coke, Vinegar and baking soda in the kitchen.
Professional cleaners use products that work quick and effectively; we should follow their example.

3. Clean debris off the floor and counter. Having everything possible suspended will make the cleaning process faster. Everything in the bathroom needs to have its place–more than any other room in the house.

4. Spray and wait. Spray the whole bathroom with a quality sanitizing spray. Waiting time is termed “kill time” in the janitorial world. That is literally what happens. A few minutes of waiting allows the spray to kill more germs.

5. Use two microfiber cloths for the whole bathroom. One for the sink, mirror, and tub areas; another for the toilet.

6. Be careful to fold microfiber cloths inside out to avoid cross contamination in the toilet cleaning procedure especially.

7. Smells come from bacteria. There is no need to use an air freshener if the bathroom is sparkling clean

8. When cleaning the floor, first sweep it up (dry), then wet mop.

9. General bathroom cleaning is top to bottom, left to right, and counterclockwise for greatest efficiency.

FREE Cleaning DVD:

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