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Read, then play! These 6 springtime books have some fun activities to go with them

Pull out some springtime books and extend the story through play.

We know there’s nothing better than cuddling up to a good book with your kids or grandkids. But these clever ideas will take the magic of the story off the page.

Book lover Kelcie Hansen says reading together can create such a special connection that she wanted a way to extend that experience. She’s shares six springtime books that your littles will love, and corresponding activities that allow the connection to continue through play.

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6 Springtime Books and Playtime Ideas

“The Hike” by Alison Farrell

Activity: Things to Spy on Your Hike. Printable found here.


“I Breathe” by Susie Brooks

Activity: Blowing Balloons


“Mama Built a Little Nest” by Jennifer Ward

Activity: “Snacktivity” rice crispy treat nest with candy eggs


“Now That’s a Hat!” by Heath McKenzie

Activity: Hat Parade. Find Kelcie’s printable for this activity here.


“Worm Weather” by Jean Taft

Activity: Pipe cleaner + cereal worms


“How Do You Make a Rainbow?” by Caroline Crowe

Activity: Rainbow Color Sort. Find Kelcie’s printable for this activity here.


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