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Redressing The Dress

“I needed a way to find cheap dresses that look nice,” she said.

And with that thought, Formal Xchange dot com was born. First, let’s back up to this time last year.
Kaneasha was asked to the Homecoming Dance and she and her mom, Robyn, spent hours going from store to store. After a long and exhausting search, they finally found a suitable dress, but it was at the top of their price range. After spending one-hundred-50 dollars, Kaneasha started thinking.

“Dresses are so expensive and a lot of people don’t have that much money,” she said.

Kaneasha and her mom started this website. They’ve made it easy to shop for a dress, or post one to sell. It’s a free service, thought up by a teen wanting to give other girls an inexpensive way to get dressed up. Robyn says since the website started last December, it’s taken off.

Kaneasha says she will never pay $150 for a dress again. In fact, she’s got dresses lined up in her closet, just waiting for the next dance. Prices on the website vary, but you can find plenty out of the nearly 1200 currently listed for 25 to 50 dollars. Girls from Utah to the UK are buying, selling, or trading their dresses on Formal Xchange… and if money is still a problem, you can find many dresses listed for free. Yes, for free, listed by girls who probably share Kaneasha’s mentality.

“It’s a dress,” she said. “You wear it once, maybe twice, and then it just sits in your closet and rots away.”

And who wants a rotting dress sitting in their closet, right? Kaneasha says it’s much better to share it with another girl, maybe on the other side of the world, so they too can find the perfect dress.

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