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Refinishing Furniture

Turn old forgotten furniture into unforgettable, unique pieces. With a little
patience and some simple steps, you can refinish furniture at home.

Tammi Garlick , the owner of Finders Keepers shares her secrets to turns
Finds into Keepers.


#1 Benjamen Moore( Wilmington Spruce)
#2 Benjamen Moore( Olive Tree )
#3 Benjamen Moore( Clear Lake)
#4 Benjamen Moore(Stormy Sky)
#5 Martha Stewart (Artesian Well)

Five Steps To Refinish Furniture:

1. Prime with a good primer sander sealer.

2. Paint several coats depending on color, alternating directions. Use
General finishes Paint.

(sand between steps 2-3 and 3-4)

3. Glaze using an oil based glaze. (dries slower than a water based and is
easier to move around to desired areas and remove from unwanted areas).
Available from Jones paint and Glass in American Fork.

4. Clear coat using a polyacrylic from general finishes.


Add some additions to make your product pop. Add new knobs, repaint
hardware, add an appliqué, stenciling different things on product. Nothing is
out of the possibilities if you are having fun.

Finders Keepers is American Fork has over 30 years of refinishing and
repurposing experience.

Tammi & Mike Garlick

63 E. Main st American Fork Utah 84003

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