Luminous Me Day Spa: Chemical Peels

Many women are getting chemical peels to rejuvenate their skin and get the
smooth, glowing skin they have always wanted!

Monika Zairi from Luminous Day Spa discusses the benefits of a chemical

If you’re looking a way to treat yourself or a friend or relative to something
special, you should know about Luminous Me Day Spa in West Jordan. Some
of Luminous Me Day Spa’s services include facials, relaxing foot and hand
scrubs, and some waxing and tinting. Luminous Me Day Spa also offers
chemical peels.

According to Monika Zairi, owner of Luminous Day Spa, chemical peels are a
great way to help rejuvenate the skin. The staff at Luminous Me has found
that, when used with the Thermacell skin tightening services that they offer,
they are able to achieve an incredible and natural transformation of the skin.
(ThermaCell is a new type of skin-tightening system that works on most
parts of the body. ThermaCell utilizes radio waves to tighten the skin.)

* There are a lot of things people don’t know about chemical peels. These

-The exfoliation that happens during a chemical peel is exfoliation.
Exfoliation is like fading, just like a tan. You don’t actually see shedding.

-Most “acids” used during a chemical peel are derived from plants like sugar
cane, willow bark and apples. Very few are actually chemicals.

-The definition of acid just means that the ingredient has a pH of under 7—
like lemon juice.

-The sensation during a chemical peel is comfortable, maybe prickly, tingling
and warm.

-Chemical peels never begin with the harshest peel.

-Clients prepare for chemical peels at home with less acidic products.

-After a chemical peel, clients leave looking slightly pink or with completely
normal skin color.

Zairi adds, “A chemical peel isn’t a one-time fix all. At Luminous Me, we
recommend doing them in a series based on the results you would like to

10 things a chemical peel can achieve:

1. Reduction or removal of blotchy patches. Skin blotches can create a dull
complexion, and typically do not clear up on their own. A chemical peel can
penetrate deep enough to remove the layer of darker skin to even out your
skin tone.

2. Removing the appearance of sun damage. The sun is the leading cause of
fine lines and wrinkles, and these can be prevented with a healthy skincare
regiment. Chemical peels remove the layer of skin that may be affected by
sun damage to leave behind a fresh and smooth layer.

3. Acne management. If you’re suffering from acne, a chemical peel may be a
valuable part of your treatment program. Lighter peels such as AHAs and
glycolic acid peels are more appropriate for sensitive and acne-prone skin,
and can help clear up inflammation and even acne scars after a few months
of treatment.

4. Lightening of the skin. The change of seasons, poor diet, or even a lack of
rest can leave you with a dull and ruddy complexion. Powerful chemical peels
are used to treat deep wrinkles, and can turn your skin lighter as a side

5. Low downtime. Most peels require just a few treatments before the cells
begin to turnover; you’ll start to see effects in just a few days with little
recovery time required.

6. Smoother skin. Revealing a fresh layer of skin means you’ll have a smooth
and youthful appearance and improved skin texture.

7. Age spot removal. Age spots can be difficult to hide under makeup, but
chemical peels can help reduce pigmentation and even out your skin tone.

8. Fast and simple procedures. The process of applying the chemical peel
solution and letting it set rarely takes longer than 15-20 minutes. You can be
in and out of the Spa within an hour.

9. Improved collagen growth. Glycolic acid peels in particular will help with
collagen production; collagen is a building block of skin tissue that creates a
strong and supple skin surface.

10. Better skin quality. Removing dead skin cells regularly will freshen up the
skin and leave it silky smooth; chemical peels help remove dead skin cells
and will even out the skin tone to leave you with a fresh and youthful glow.


Silver Membership—A series of three peels for less damaged skin.

Gold Membership—A series of six peels for normal skin.

Platinum Membership—A series of nine peels for serious, extensive results.

· For a limited time only, Luminous Me is offering 25 percent off all
chemical peel memberships.

Phone: (801)432-7845

Address: 8543 So. Redwood Road, Suite A West Jordan, UT 84088

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