Reinventing The Chalkboard

Reinventing The Chalkboard

Playing with chalk was always fun when we were kids, why not have fun with it now! There are so many sophisticated ways to incorporate chalkboard paint into your home, and we’re not talking about the playroom!

Tristan Loyd with the blog, Chickaboom chalks up fresh ways to use chalkboard paint in your home décor.

You know those ugly paintings you see at second hand stores and you think “The frame is great but what could I possibly do with it?” Well here’s an idea, turn it into a chalkboard! Head on over to your local handyman shop and grab yourself some chalkboard paint! There are TONS of options! You can stick with a regular chalkboard black color (As seen here) or you can get a little crazy and go after tinted chalkboard paint! There are lots of colors to choose from!

Here is an example of a tinted chalkboard paint we used on an entire wall! We chose a fun periwinkle blue to accent the cute chairs!

The great thing about a chalkboard wall is that you can change the entire feel of your space just by changing your chalk design!

Our cute grandpa (AKA Poppee) created this masterpiece! What a cute man!

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