Summer Sheers for Your Face

Summer Sheers for Your Face

They are products that compliment, rather that cover – highlight rather than pop. Go for a lighter look and a lighter feel with summer sheers for your face.

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone shares her favorites.

Welcome to the new age of beauty. Today you can find products designed to compliment, rather than cover; highlight rather than pop. It’s about working with features you already have and options to simply enhance your natural beauty. Let’s face it, we weren’t all born with even-tone skin, crystal-colored eyes, or raspberry stained lips. But we each have individually beautiful features that must be encouraged to shine through in a refined way. Enter the world of sheer options for your face:


Our skin changes with age, lifestyle, diet and even season. Dewy, youthful, even skin is an aspiration for most of us. Even if your complexion tone isn’t ideal, allowing an element of skin to show through is visibly much healthier than wearing a mask of product. For the ultimate in summer skin, try this incredible combination: mix ½ pump of Artifical Light with 1 full pump of Tinted Moisturizer. Blend together in your fingers and apply all over your face. Work in gentle motion upwards to hairline for a more even tone with translucent radiance.


Smashbox Cosmetics Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion, $24, Ulta

Blend this luminizer into any complexion liquid from primer to foundation to even just moisturizer for a translucent all-over glow.

Plus this:

L’Oreal Age Perfect Pro-Calcium Sheer Tint Moisturizer, $9.99, Walmart

Tinted moisturizers provide improved radiance by increasing moisture as well as even out tone with a slight tint. An ideal option for maturing skin. This product also has UV protection- a staple need for healthy skin.


No matter the color, no matter the shape emphasized eyes are the easiest to achieve with the latest in sheer technology. More like a soft wash instead of a blanket of color there is no need to strategize shape or apply with careful precision. These forgiving textures provide a neutral veil of color to compliment. Just brush shadow over entire lid and watch your eyes begin to shine.


MAC Mineralize Eye Duo, $19.50, Nordstrom

Baked pigments have unique properties: exceptionally sheer and lightweight application, and easy colour. All with a super-fine pearl finish that leaves a soft dimensional shimmer on the skin.


Dull skin can be brought to life with a pale and natural flush in the cheeks. Much easier than jogging around the block, and less time consuming than a brush and powder, get blushed with a bottle of cheek stain. A fluid liquid provides just a hint of rosey for the cheeks. Application is mistake proof. Using fingers, dab and blend onto cheek plane.


Benefit Benetint, $28, Sephora

One of the most fashion-reviewed and endorsed beauty products, this rose-tinted cheek and lip stain yields a waterproof, indelibly sheer tint. Similar products don’t even come close to the performance of this stain. For a natural looking blush with an enhanced glow.

Bonus: Get Cheeky travel pack includes 3 cheek favs for $15!


Lip stain meets lip gloss meets lipstick. You now can find them all in one! The stress of finding and then committing to the “right” color is gone. Incorporating color tones (champagne, blush pink, coral, plum rose, caramel) rather than actual pigmented colors, you are simply committing to enhancing YOUR beautiful lips with a soft tone and subtle shine. Finished lips complete a polished look and lip tints make it easy.


Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick, $14.50, Dilliards

The name says it all. It goes on smooth like butter with a tint of color and moisturizing shine. Not solid like lipstick and not sticky like gloss. The perfect balance for your pout. My new favorite lip companion!


The face doesn’t stop at the chin but continues down to the base of the neck. And why stop the healthy glow there? V-Neck neckline is the most flattering neckline to wear. Enhance your décolleté with a soft alluring glow. This sheer reflection bounces right back to the face and gives the appearance of radiant health. Also perfect for enhancing bare arms and legs.


Jergen’s Natural Glow, $8.99-12.99, Drugstores

Build sun kissed skin gradually without harmful sunrays. Light reflective sheer glow builds with a soft natural color. My summer favorite for enhancing the features that are uniquely mine. Rubs on like a lotion, builds like a sunless tanner without the drying time and potential staining.

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