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Relationship resolutions will strengthen your bonds. 4 to make for the changing seasons

Now is the time to make relationship resolutions.

Fall is often seen as a season of renewal and change, much like New Year’s, making it an ideal time to reflect on our connections with loved ones. As the seasons shift, now is the perfect time to shift our focus to the relationships inside our homes.

Studio 5 Relationship Contributor Dr. Matt Townsend suggests a unique approach to this seasonal shift – creating a list of character traits or virtues to prioritize during the fall. He affectionately calls these lists his “relationship resolutions” or “relationship bucket lists.” He shares his approach to relationship resolutions and how they can help us strengthen our bonds during the upcoming winter months.

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4 Relationship Resolutions to Make

  1. Cultivating a Curious Heart

One of Matt’s first relationship resolutions is to develop a curious and interested heart. He acknowledges that sometimes, we lose interest in conversations that don’t immediately resonate with us. However, he emphasizes that even if the topic doesn’t captivate us, the person speaking does. By showing curiosity and interest, we can deepen our connections with others. Ask questions, delve into their thoughts and feelings, and be present in the moment.

  1. Making Others Feel Valued

Another important resolution is to create an unquestionable sense of importance in the people we interact with. Whether it’s our family, friends, or acquaintances, Matt encourages us to let them know that they matter. He shares his admiration for those who excel at making others feel valued and seen, even in brief interactions. Making a conscious effort to convey our care and love can significantly impact our relationships.

  1. Hawk-Like Attentiveness to the Present

Matt draws inspiration from hawks, known for their keen attention to detail. He suggests that we should aim for the same level of attentiveness in our interactions. Being present in the moment, whether with others or with ourselves, allows us to connect on a deeper level. By recognizing our emotions and thoughts in real-time, we can better understand and address them.

  1. Infectious Gratitude for the Good

Matt encourages us to develop an infectious gratitude for all that is good, not just the things we personally favor. He emphasizes the power of noticing and appreciating the goodness in the world. By acknowledging the positivity around us, we can become a beacon of light and influence others positively.

Embracing Relationship Resolutions Together

Matt suggests that we take these relationship resolutions seriously, making them a shared commitment with our partners or loved ones. By focusing on these resolutions throughout the winter months, we can strengthen our relationships and hold each other accountable for positive change.

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