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Express love more genuinely. 8 sentence starters to help show how much you care

Trying to express love can be tricky sometimes.

Feeling love for someone is a natural emotion, but knowing how to express that love can sometimes be a challenge.

Julie Taylor believes that showing someone you love them goes beyond mere words. It’s about being specific and genuine in your expressions.

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8 Sentence Starters to Help You Express Love

Authentic Care

Julie starts by emphasizing the importance of genuine care. Love should never be performative; it’s about making the other person feel cherished. It’s about shifting the focus from ourselves to them. When we truly care about someone, they can feel it in their heart.

Specific Expressions of Love

Julie suggests that getting specific in showing love can make it even more meaningful. She provides sentence starters that can guide you in expressing your feelings comfortably and sincerely.

  1. “Something I love that you have taught me is…”

This sentence starter allows you to acknowledge the impact someone has had on your life through their teachings, even if they may not realize it. It’s a way of expressing gratitude for their influence.

  1. “I am so inspired by the way that…”

Expressing how someone inspires you to become a better person can strengthen your connection and motivate them to continue being a positive influence in your life.

  1. “You are such a great example…”

This phrase highlights the significance of someone being an example for you. It can boost their self-esteem and encourage them to keep being that positive role model.

  1. “Something I always notice you are great at is…”

This starter helps you recognize and appreciate the strengths and skills of your loved ones, often things they might not see in themselves.

  1. “I love remembering the time when…”

Reflecting on shared memories brings joy and nostalgia into a relationship, reminding both parties of the special moments you’ve experienced together.

  1. “I see what you are carrying right now…”

Acknowledging the burdens or challenges someone is facing can be powerful. It shows that you’re there for them and willing to support them through difficult times.

  1. “Nobody else ___________ like you.”

Fill in the blank with something unique about the person that sets them apart. This phrase makes them feel valued for their individuality.

  1. “Thank you for being someone who…”

Expressing gratitude is a simple yet effective way to let someone know you appreciate them for who they are and what they do.

Take the Challenge

Julie challenges us to use one of these prompts to reach out to someone we care about. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or colleague, taking this simple action can make a significant difference in strengthening relationships.

Julie reminds us that expressing love should be heartfelt, specific, and sincere. These sentence starters can help deepen our connections and make our loved ones feel truly cherished.

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