Relax with Yoga

Certified fitness instructors, Liz Jensen and Allison Jones say that’s what makes yoga the perfect way to unwind.

Yoga is a combination of dynamic breathing and strong flowing movement which leads to greater strength, flexibility, balance, range of motion and a leaner physique. In addition to this, when practicing yoga, the participant focuses only on their own bodies and minds which creates a “oneness” with the self or a higher being. Yoga is different from other forms of exercise due to the fact that you are meditating, focusing on your body, stretching and strengthening muscles all at once. This allows our bodies to feel calm and fall into a relaxing state.

Yoga breathing is all nasal. Inhale in through the nose and exhale out through thenose. We use nasal breathing to build/maintain heat in our bodies and to cleanse the body from the inside out.

Yoga Poses:

1. Pose: Cat/Cow

• Benefit – provides a spinal massage for the back and belly organs.

2. Pose: Downdog

• Benefit – strengthens arms, shoulders, upper back and stretches glutes, hamstrings and calves.

3. Pose: Warrior I

• Benefit- strengthens and stretches the thighs, calves, ankles, groin (psoas) and muscles in in the back.

4. Pose: Triangle Pose

• Benefit- stretches the lower body muscles, opens up the chest, shoulders, spine; also relieves back pain (great pose to do for pregnancy).

5. Pose: Camel

• Benefit- stretches the entire front of the body, hip flexors, and thighs; strengthens back muscles and improves posture.

6. Pose: Spinal Twist

• Benefit- chest, shoulder and spine opener, stretches glutes, hips and hamstrings; releases toxins in the body

Liz Jensen and Allison Jones love to share their passion for fitness and will even come to your home to host a fitness party.

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