abstract art

Use rubbing alcohol to make pretty abstract art! Here’s how…

Make your own abstract art pieces using unique fluid mediums.

Paint, markers, and oil pastels are likely art supplies you have around your home to use for the occasional art projects.

Briar West is a self-taught fluid artist who reaches for more out-of-the-box supplies for her creations. With items like rubbing alcohol, brake fluid, and antifreeze, Briar creates beautiful works of art. She shares that this medium is a form of self-care therapy where the process is as much a part of the experience as the outcome.

Anyone can experiment with this process with a few basic supplies. You need glossy paper, even photo paper works. Then, with rubbing alcohol and alcohol inks, available at most craft stores, you can play with movement to create your own pieces.

If you want even more play, you can join Briar at her home studio. Gather girlfriends or family and sign up to spend an evening in a creative escape.

Find more of Briar’s work on Instagram @briarweststudio.

Briar West is a large-scale fluid artist with quite an interesting story. With no traditional background in art – her start came unexpectedly from a place of healing and self-care. Today she is a full time artist, creating paintings for homes, lobbies, and restaurants all around the US. She works with clients and designers to bring a unique energy to the spaces she creates for.

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