sacrifice is love

When Sacrifice is Love: A day in the life of a husband and caregiver to his wife

Sacrifice is love when you are a caregiver.

You know Casey Matheny as Studio 5’s style contributor. She brings smart fashion sense and tips to our show, but what you may not know is Casey misses her mom, even though she’s still here. Laneeda Lucero was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s 11 years ago when she was only 47 years old. The disease progressed quickly, and she’s now in the advanced stages. Casey’s dad, Jim, is Laneeda’s full-time caregiver.

Jim Lucero walks through a day in his life with Laneeda. He says that caregiving is hard in many ways, but the hardest part, he says, is that he misses his wife even though he is with her 24/7. He also shares how having the right outlook can make it so much easier. Casey shares how this disease has affected her family, and details on their Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

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  • Casey I’m so sorry your family is going through this. My mom was 49 when she was diagnosed and after the seven longest years of my life seeing her struggle and progress insanely fast she passed away. That was five years ago and I miss her every day. It’s something you can’t understand unless you’ve gone through it. I admire your dad. I know it’s not easy. Hang in there. Sending my love and prayers.

  • Casey- your mom was my dear roommate in college. In Hawaii and in Provo. She had sparkling eyes, an infectious laugh, a kind heart and a love for your dad—- who we called Jaime! Those were beautiful and happy days. I’m so sorry fir the loss, the struggle and all those hard days. But this I know—- Laneeda loves each of you. And that will be forever. Take good care of each other. You have a dear and beautiful family💗

  • Casey…good evening. My name is Larry, and I do not know where to start, or how to go forward. Marilyn and I live in Connecticut, and I could write a book about our life’s adventures together. We also met in college (April 17, 1971) on a blind date. One week later Marilyn celebrated her 20th birthday anniversary. I bought her a cake… myohmyohmy…was she impressed :-)> That act was literally “the icing on the cake”…lolol. I had closed the deal with sweetness…lolol. This year we celebrated our 50th blind date…lolol. That Saturday night decades ago…it was love at first sight. “It was much later that each of us shared with the other…”when I saw you I knew we would marry and live until death due us part” Apologies………..I am already weeping. Marilyn has Alzheimer’s, diagnosed three years ago. We are both 70 yrs young. I saw the article about your Mom & Dad on the internet. I copied it so I have it to read again and again. Your Dad is a strong, giving, loving person. I need to be the same for Marilyn. Our oldest daughter (39) is currently going through chemotherapy for double breast cancer, and my Mom passed away Friday 11/05 at 100 years young, after my caring for her for 12++ years. There is much angst and emotion on my plate at this time. My Dad passed away 2003 (85+) from cancer, however, he had advanced dementia. We have looked back at that and feel Dad AND Mom were blessed that the cancer took him. I do not know how my Mom would have fared if his dementia had progressed. I am rambling…Marilyn and I will celebrate 50 yrs marriage August 2023…myohmyohmy …where did time go. It is said “time flies when you are having fun”…YUP…!!! How do we connect? I am leery of placing my personal contact info out there, however, I am doing so. I DO NOT DO social media…!!! Thanks for reading. My final comment…I ask you keep Marilyn in your prayers. I know the road forward will be bumpy. I also “believe” God does not put anything on your plate he feels you cannot handle…we will see……………………………..