mini snow hats

Save your toilet paper rolls! These mini snow hats are the easiest yarn project ever

What’s better than a cozy snow hat? Mini snow hats!

Don’t throw away those toilet paper rolls just yet! You’re going to need them for this easy project. Grab some yarn, tie some knots, and make some adorable mini snow hats! Once you’ve made a handful, you can use them in all kinds of ways.

Sarah Freeman shares the super simple tutorial for these cute yarn hats. You just need two supplies, your toilet paper roll, and yarn! You can string the hats into a garland, use them as present toppers, or use them in any other application you can think of!

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Mini Snow Hats Instructions

How To:

  1. Cut a toilet paper roll into a 1/2-3/4″ circle.
  2. Using your arm, wrap yarn around 10-20 times. This depends on the thickness of your yarn. Thick yarn = 10 wraps. Regular weight yarn = 20 wraps.
  3. Take yarn off and cut at top and bottom.
  4. Make a loop with one piece of yarn and wrap the ends up and through the toilet paper roll leaving two ends hanging.
  5. Once the whole roll is covered, push all the ends through the roll.
  6. Tie yarn ends with another piece of yarn, making a hat shape.
  7. Trim ends to make a pom pom.
  8. Stuff a cotton ball in the hat to give it shape.
  9. Add embellishments if desired like tiny pom poms, fake snow, glitter, etc.
  10. Add a hanger to hang from a tree.


  • String from a garland.
  • Hang on your Christmas tree.
  • Gift topper.
  • Elf on a Shelf hat.
  • Top a lip gloss or lotion to give as a gift.


  • Toilet paper rolls are stronger than paper towel rolls.
  • Toilet paper rolls can be purchased on Amazon if you don’t have any handy.
  • Thicker yarn works up quicker and makes a fuller hat.
  • Use up your yarn stash with this craft.

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