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Shared Motherhood Experiences: Here 7 things all moms feel

Motherhood experiences are different, but all moms share these seven things.

Each mom’s experience in motherhood is special and unique to her and her family. However, there are plenty of experiences and feelings that are shared by all moms.

So, in honor of Mother’s Day, we recruited Parenting Contributor Heather Johnson to share seven  shared truths of motherhood. Grab your tissues because it’s sure to make you cry.

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7 Shared Motherhood Experiences

  1. The “good” of motherhood, always outweighs the “bad”.
  2. No matter what happened with our mothers when they were alive, everyone missed their mothers when they were gone.
  3. Relationships with our mothers and children have regrets.
  4. Women feel a need to create.
  5. Transitions in motherhood are challenging.
  6. Mothers are always grateful they show love.
  7. Mothers have what their children need.

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