Shrink Art Jewelry

Shrink Art Jewelry

Brett Lund will show how to create one-of-a-kind Shrink Art Jewelry.


* Clear Shrink Film
* Black StazOn ink
* Assorted stamps
* ¼” Terrifically Tacky Tape
* Silver leaf
* Embossing heat gun
* Tweezers
* Hole punch


1. Ink up the stamp with StazOn ink. Stamp the image on a piece of clear shrink film.

2. Cut out the image. Remember to leave an edge around the image.

3. Stamp a hole in the shrink plastic.

4. Hold the image with your tweezers and using the heat gun heat the image. When the image is heated enough, it will start to melt and shrink down.

5. When the image has completely stopped shrinking, if you need to, flatten it out. Let the image cool.

6. Wrap the ¼” tape around the image on its edge. Fold over the tape on both sides of the charm.

7. Take the image and stick it to the silver leaf. Repeat until the entire charm’s edge is covered with the silver leaf.

8. Take a soft cloth and rub the extra leaf off the charm.

9. Use a jump ring and attach the charm to your necklace.

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