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Signing Off: Keith McCord reflects on his 39 years in news

Keith McCord has been an integral part of the KSL News Team. With his retirement approaching, he is sharing some of the lessons he’s learned over the years.

Keith McCord has spent 39 years behind the anchor desk at KSL. As a reporter, he covered the headlines that shaped local business and economy, but never shyed away from the fun stuff! He’s been a constant for so many, and this Sunday he will sign off for the last time.

Keith shares some of the life lessons he’s learned from years in the industry. He also shares coolest person he has met, and how he feels about being a viewer now.


  • Kieth McCord – another of the “Old Guard” stepping down – but not without congrats from another retired “Old Guard.” Keith is not only a great anchor but a memorable journalist as well. Give him a microphone and camera on a live shot – with breaking news – and he was hard to beat. His soothing but commanding style in both arenas made him a unique personality on the air, There are many memories from the stories he’s covered over the years. For me, I’ll remember how we joined together in hours of live coverage of the Barney Clark artificial heart implant story. There are no apologies for his performance over the years – only applause from his colleagues and viewers. Enjoy your retirement. You deserve it.

    Ed Yeates, former colleague at KSL

  • Watching Keith’s Farewell show. Maybe we shouldn’t describe the women he’s worked with in a way that makes them sound like polygamous wives. Although I know it was meant to be in jest, I found it off-putting.