Ski Deals And Steals

Outdoor adventure guide, Sheryl McGlochlin shares money saving tips to help make
skiing more affordable.

Best deal for Ski Lessons:

– Park City Mountain Resort StartNOW Program:
lift, lesson, and rental for $25:

– Park City Quick Start Program:
Ski for free at Park City Resorts with a same day boarding pass:

Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month – This January will be the third National Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month at alpine resorts across the United States. Last year over 200 resorts in 32 states offered free or discounted ski, snowboard, and cross-country ski or snowshoe lessons. The grassroots initiative, designed to get people active during the winter months, saw over 30,000 participants nationwide this first year.

– Deseret Ski School- 3 lessons for $40:

Deseret Ski School Provides Affordable Option for Beginners

Looking for a wonderfully affordable way to learn to ski or snowboard this winter? The Deseret Ski School may be the perfect opportunity for you.

Registration has begun for the 63rd session for skiers and the 12th for snowboarders in the Deseret News/KSL NewsRadio Ski and Snowboard School.

As in the past there will be three classes. The first will be Nov. 20, followed by a break for Thanksgiving and the final two classes will be Dec. 4 and 11. And as in the past, skiers will go to Alta and snowboarders to Snowbird.

The school is intended for first-time beginners in skiing and snowboarding. Lessons begin with the basics, such as learning to carry and walk, and cover such topics as balance, stance, straight-line runs and turning.

There will be two sessions for the ski school each day. The ski school will be limited to 400 skiers — 200 for the morning session and 200 for the afternoon classes.

The morning session for both skiing and snowboarding will start at 9:30 a.m. The afternoon session for both skiing and snowboarding will start at 1 p.m.

Cost for renting skis, boots, bindings and poles for the four weeks will be $34 for juniors and $39 for adults. And for a snowboard, bindings and boots, the cost for the four weeks will be $34 for juniors and $39 for adults. Those renting equipment will be able to apply those fees towards a full-season rental — $79.99 for juniors and $84.99 for adults for skis, and $84.99 for juniors and $89.99 for adults for snowboards.

Deseret News/KSL News Radio Ski/Snowboard School
When: Nov. 20, Dec. 4 and Dec. 11
Where: Two-hour lessons each week for skiers at Alta, snowboarders at Snowbird
Ages: First-time skiers or snowboarders 8 years old or older
Cost: $40
Registration: Opens on Oct. 14. Forms for both skiing and snowboarding will be available Oct. 14.
Equipment: Canyon Sports is offering Deseret News students special rates and one-time pickup and return. Store locations are 1844 E. Fort Union Blvd. (7000 South), 517 S. 200 West or 45 W. 10600 South.
Information: (801) 237-2135 or (801) 942-3100.

Ski Rentals:

Season Ski Rentals for Kids

Ski ‘N See: $79 only for the entire ski season!!
(Offer Ends 11/23/10)

Save with Season Ski Rentals
Just $79.99!
While Supplies Last…

Rent a Rossignol package including Junior shaped skis, boots, bindings, and we’ll maintain them w/ FREE wax & tunes all season for just $99.99! Head ski package $79.99.

Coupon required for discount. Not valid with other discounts or offers. Available now at Sandy, Fort Union, & Bountiful Locations (In Park City Nov 15-Dec15).

One-day ski rentals:

My favorite place in SLC area for Ski Rentals: The Wasatch Ski Connection

$15/day for kids, $20/day for adults PLUS go on their website to print out a 20% discount for one day rentals.

6755 South Wasatch Boulevard
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
Phone: 801-942-2002
Tollfree: 866-868-2002


5th Graders get 39 ski passes Free!

6th Graders get 13 Ski Passes Free!

($25 processing fee, price is $35 in Jan 2011)

Ski free after 3 at Alta:, Alta Ski Resort, no pass necessary, no blackout days, 7 days a week, Sunnyside Lift

Ski FREE all day on Alta’s rope tow, Alta Ski Resort.

Visit The Sport Loft and receive FREE Hot Chocolate. Check out their specialty shop and try the Skier’s Edge Big Mountain (ski simulator) for FREE! The Sport Loft, Holladay, Utah.

Ski for Free! Most locals who want to ski free are willing to work at least part time at a ski resort to get their seasons pass. Check resorts to see if they are still hiring.

Clothing and Gear: Free Section found on Don’t forget to check this “Free Section” often!

Kids ski free at many of the resorts. Check the age cutoff. There’s a blog about which resorts offer that on

A Trusted Ski Friend, Save a lot of time and money

Find at least ONE expert/friend in the Ski Business that you can trust! This is not someone who just loves to ski but someone who really knows the industry itself. This expert/friend could save you THOUSANDS of dollars by doing things right the FIRST time. Get to know them on a “first name” basis. When you add me as one of your new trusted ski friends, I’ll share all of my contacts, experience and knowledge with you!

About Clothing & Gear:

Utah is home to thousands of outdoor enthusiasts who are always getting rid of expensive, gently used clothing and gear to make room for new stuff!

Learn about current gear and clothing – even if you can’t afford it. You’ll have a better understanding of what qualities and brands to look for and how and when you can find screaming deals on even NEW merchandise!

When I don’t have much money, I take what I’ve learned from the pros and keep my radar up at places like Kid to Kid Clothing Stores, Second Hand and Thrift Stores i.e. Deseret Industries, Thrift Town, Ski Swaps,,, Play It Again Sports, Outdoor Retail Store sales like at REI and Black Diamond, Lost and Found Sales at the Ski Resorts, Consignment Shops and sales. Pay attention to ANY kind of sale in or near ski towns like Park City, Heber, Deer Valley, or anywhere along the East Bench near the Wasatch Mountains. Residential garage sales and yard sales are loaded with treasures throughout the spring, summer and fall. Look for clearance items or last year’s models are quality Outdoor Retail Shops like Recreation Outlet, REI, Kirkhams, etc.

Especially be on the lookout for product a few months BEFORE ski season starts. When it hits, everyone starts looking for treasures, so beat the rush!

What to look for when buying quality winter clothing:

Look for clothing with 3 important qualities: 1) Breathability 2) Waterproof and water repellant 3) Stretchy

Some of the best fabrics to find are Wool, Marina Wool, Bamboo and other natural fibers. Other great fabrics include polyester, nylon, non-bulky fleece. These fabrics are soft and dry quickly. Avoid cotton. Look for stretchy fabrics i.e. lycra and spandex.

Look for fabrics i.e. Entrant, Gore-Tex, Thinsulate, PrimaLoft and Cordura. Do a google search on these fabrics to see how they are used in today’s Outdoor Clothing and why they are so great!

Look for clothes with “sealed seams” so snow can’t get in.
Layer up underneath but make sure your outer SHELL is waterproof.

Play It Again Sports has a 7-day return policy so if you try something and don’t like it, take it back and try another item.

REI guarantees your happiness! Become a member for only $15/lifetime. Then if you buy something at REI, if you don’t like it, for whatever reason, you can return it for a full refund or exchange.

St. Lawrence Thrift Shop ski sale this weekend in Heber and a sale at Deer Valley the first Thursday in December.
Look at events, used clothing, gear swaps, resort deals, and more at

Put it out there! Tell friends, family, co-workers and anyone you know that you are looking for ski stuff for cheap.

Obermeyer has a line of kids ski wear with a built in hem that can get unpicked and released to add at least an inch in length to things like snow suits so that they last longer.

Priority: When spending money on gear

SKI BOOTS are the ONE item you should buy NEW. Make sure they fit properly.

My favorite place for boots and ski gear is a family owned specialty ski business in Holladay, The Sport Loft. (4678 Highland Drive, SLC UT 84117). There are plenty of ways to find great deals on ski equipment (online and retail stores) but find a friend in the “ski boot” business first, who knows how to fit you correctly. Find someone who has been in business for a while, who will be around to help you when you need adjustments. Skiing can be a painful experience or even dangerous IF you are not equipped with the right stuff to begin with.

About skis and bindings: Once you have the right boots, rentals are cheaper if you go that route. Skis and bindings can easily be adjusted to fit them.

At the beginning of each season (or before hitting the slopes with your gear), besides getting a ski tuneup and waxing your skis, it’s VERY important to get a Binding Inspection to make sure they are safe.

The Skier’s Edge: The ULTIMATE Ski Simulator and trainer to use when you are NOT on the slopes!

You’ll receive the PERFECT workout designed for skiers, non-skiers and outdoor enthusiasts who may be recovering from an injury!

As a non-skier, you’ll get your chance to capture the feeling of downhill skiing WITHOUT actually being on a mountain slope. Get a GREAT workout in the process while burning 1,220 – 1,350 calories/hour. No bitter cold winter weather to endure. No need to spend ANY money on ski equipment, ski passes, winter clothing, gas or 4 wheel drive vehicles!

As a skier, you’ll improve and perfect your skiing technique, gain much needed stamina and endurance, get in shape BEFORE hitting the slopes, and enjoy a “skiing experience” DURING the ski season when you can’t be on the slopes! Whether you want to ski steeper mountains, deeper powder or bigger bumps, you will benefit greatly from this workout. It’s the ultimate carving machine. It’s an entertaining, educational and motivating experience to be in this class with other people. It will prepare you for the highest peaks and steepest slopes. Burns 1,220 – 1,350 calories per hour.

As someone who wants to ski but may be recovering from an injury, this is the BEST way to strengthen your body again!

Find friends to ski with:

You’ll ski more often if you have a friend to ski with so join a ski group!

Find new ski friends at these websites:

Alta Ski Resort has “Ski with the Girls” Day, Tuesdays. Meet at 9:30 am, break into groups according to abilities and take off by 10 am.
Receive my free ski newsletters by signing up at:

Save Gas Money and Wear and Tear on your car!

Save wear and tear on your car and take the bus when heading up to any of the Cottonwood Canyon resorts. Plenty of UTA Park n Ride Parking areas near the mouth of the canyons.

Ski Passes – Best deals!

Buy your ski passes early (the first half of September is the very best time to get the cheapest deals but they are still available at the resorts if you act SOON!) For example, as an adult I got a weekday seasons pass at Brighton Ski Resort for $340, which means I can ski every Monday – Thursday of the season, except Holidays, including night skiing.

Mid week ski deals are the best PLUS you avoid the headache of heavy traffic getting up to the resorts on weekends.

Ski in the evening at participating resorts.


To get excited about Skiing, Watch any of the Warren Miller movies!!

Use day cares in the valley as opposed to the resorts.

Save money on Food when you are skiing!

Take packs of hot chocolate and apple cider to the mountain with you and either use free hot water or buy it. For instance at Snowbird’s Creekside its 25¢ for hot water and a cup. That certainly beats $2.50 to $3 for a hot drink.

Get hot water at the mountain and take your own instant soup.

Fill a hot flask with a burrito before you leave home or fill it with hot homemade soup.

If you must purchase food on the mountain, just buy fries, or share a meal because often the portions are huge and easy to share.

Cheapest thing at Alta is a hardboiled egg at Watson’s shelter. Last year they were 75c each. Buy two of those and you have enough to keep you going for a while, especially if you brought an energy bar along with you as well

Stores and websites to be familiar with in Salt Lake City:
The Sport Loft
The Wasatch Ski Connection
Recreation Outlet
Canyon Sports
General Army Navy Outdoor
Gart Brothers
Sports Den
Thrifttown or Deseret Industries

Sheryl is an avid outdoor enthusiast and adventure guide. For more information to

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