Smell Technology Helps You Sleep

Greg VanAlfen, with NOXO products has been studying the science and explains how smells can trick your brain into giving you a good night’s sleep.

The power of the sense of smell goes unnoticed until it reminds us how powerful it is. It’s designed to help us navigate our lives but is subtle and can sneak by us at times. Most everyone has had an experience related to smelling a fragrance and having that fragrance bring back a strong or vivid memory. Stronger yet, smells can make you feel physically ill. That is your brain telling your body to make you feel uncomfortable so that you will get away from bad things. Your sense of smell can lift your mood, or repeated bad smells have shown to cause depression in those exposed to them regularly.

NOXO Wellness products are a second generation of products developed from our success at providing the government and its disaster response agencies with odor protection. Those workers are exposed to nauseating odors that repel mind and body. Through the sense of smell we have provided relief that changes the way those workers sense odors and provides relief to them. All they smell is vanilla and not the disturbing odor.

NOXO Sleep Easy™ is based on Nobel Prize Science that mapped the sense of smell and exposed it power to send signals to the brain. NOXO Sleep Easy™ is a subtle and powerful sleep aid that will help you leave prescription drugs behind. Instead of using chemicals and drugs that force your brain to shut down, NOXO works with your sense of smell and its ability to send signals to your brain.

Through the power of smell NOXO tells your alertness center in the brain that it’s time to wind down and relax to prepare for your sleep routine. It’s 100% natural and meant to help those with serious sleep issues. Our customers report that they have been able to get away from their prescription drugs and NOXO takes their place. They report that they are more relaxed at bedtime and miraculously sleep all night without feeling side effects or that they are being shut down artificially. It all feels very natural because it is natural.

Don’t be a hostage to sleep or prescription drugs, use NOXO – wellness products that make “scents”.
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