Sort The Trash From The Treasure: The 2nd Hand Items Worth Buying

Sort The Trash From The Treasure: The 2nd Hand
Items Worth Buying

Whether you’re strolling through the Saturday morning yard sales, or scouring
the thrift stores, there are certain items you should always look out for!

Designer Kristine McKay shares her five favorite things to buy second-hand,
because they are so versatile and can be used in a variety of ways.

1. Frames- From big projects to small, frames are one of the most versatile
pieces around. They can be made into custom wall art, cabinet doors, etc.
2. Bottles- I love collecting jars of all shapes and sizes. They can be used for
fun displays, planters, lanterns, organization, etc.

3. Candlesticks: I call these Legos for crafters. There are SO many things that
you can do with them. There really are great building blocks for a variety of
projects. You can use them to create pedestals, table legs, photo stands, and
so much more.

4. Dressers: These can be altered for a variety of basic household furniture
uses from baby changing tables, entertainment centers, end tables, and even
benches . . . yes benches! The left over drawers can also be used for altered
projects as well.

5. Suit Cases: These can be hard to find so I always pick them up when I find
them. They are great for storage, planters, and home decor.

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