Why Build “Green”

Why Build “Green”?
With energy prices continuing to rise, the ongoing costs to run a home can
be expensive. Green homes save money, are good for the environment,
make the home much more comfortable to live in, and increase resale

Trent Maddox, shares the Green building features offered by Pepperdign

What are some of the Green features that Pepperdign Homes offers
and what are the features and benefits?

Geo Thermal HVAC system: The temperature of the earth below the
frost line remains relatively constant all year round. This steady
temperature allows the earth to be used as a heat source in the winter and
to cool your home in the summer. Geothermal heat pumps use this
characteristic to heat and air condition homes by moving heat out of the
earth and into the buildings in the winter, and by moving heat out of
buildings into the earth in the summer. Geo Thermal can save you as much
as an 85% savings over your current HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air
Conditioning) system.

8 Panel Solar Array: Solar Energy is a term most people are
familiar with. Put simply, it is absorbing the energy put out by the sun and
converting it into energy we use on a daily basis. Capturing energy from
our most abundant source is becoming more and more important to us
every day. Depending on the size of the home, how the home is
constructed, and homeowner usage patterns, this type of solar system can
decrease your electricity usage by up to 40%.

CFL (Compact Florescent Lighting): We put CFLs in all of our
homes. Each CFL uses 13 watts which is a 78 – 87% savings over your
traditional lights (incandescent lights). In practical terms each CFL will last
5 years and save you $50 over five years time. When you multiply that
number by all the lights in your home, you can save a lot of money.

Foam Spray: Pepperdign Homes sprays the walls with a 1″ foam
spray before adding the insulation which seals the home, creating less air
infiltration, better insulation, and a quieter home.
Pepperdign Homes offers many other green features as well.

What makes Pepperdign Homes Unique?
Pepperdign Homes offers full custom homes that you can design from
scratch or begin with one of our plans. When you are done with our design
architect, your home will be unique to you – but at a price similar to the
production homes. In addition to offering amazing green features, granite
comes standard in every Pepperdign Home.

What is the incentive for September?
For those building with us in September, we are offering $2,500
landscaping credit.

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