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Like the name implies, Sepcialty Linens and Chair Covers, help you with linens and chair covers.

What are specialty linens:

•Round Linens

•Linens to the Floor

•Toppers and Overlays

•Color Linens

•Variety of Fabrics

•Large selection of sizes

Round linens: As you might think, these are linens that go over round tables. The most common size of tables are 60″ round and 72″ round. A tablecloth that is 120″ round fits on a 60″ round table. Think: 60″ across the table and 30″ on either side that reach to the floor. On a 72″ table you think: 72″ across and 30″ on either side, that also reaches to the floor

For a Radial cut banquet tablecloth, the 8′ size or the 6′ banquet table also require 30″ to the floor.

Linens to the floor add an elegant and finished look to your wedding. You will notice in most of the bridal magazines that pictures you see have linens to the floor.

A topper vs. an overlay

What’s the difference. Nothing. They are linens that go over the top of the base linen. For example the basic black tablecloth would be the bottom layer of the table. A hot pink overlay cloth would go over it and be smaller in size. Specialty Linens offer a variety of toppers in 54″ square, 72″ square and 84″ square sizes in a variety of colors.

Specialty Linens offers 44 colors, with the standard black, white and ivory basic linen and colors like Kelly green, orange, hot pink, lime green, celadon, camel, periwinkle, light blue and many more.

A bride can be very particular about “her” colors. She has given this some thought and decided on just the right shade of green (or whatever color) she likes and Specialty Linen does their best to match the colors she has in mind. Many brides are glad to find them because of the large selection of colors and fabric.

What type of accent fabrics:

Organza: sheer see-through light fabric with either a sparkle or shiny finish. Specialty has organza overlays in 16 different colors.

Crushed: This is fabric that has a wrinkle or crinkly look to it. Specialty offers crushed overlays in 8 different colors.

Lame: Lame is the shiny non-see through fabric in gold, silver, copper and hot pink.

Sizes: All tables are not the same. Specialty carries 14 different sizes of cloths and will work with brides to get the right linens to fit the tables they are using.


Chair covers are just like they sound. They are cloth covers that fit chairs. Not all chairs are the same. Chairs in one reception center differ from hotel chairs. For this reach, Specialty has four different cover styles and sizes in black, white and ivory.

Types of Chairs:

Fairmont: fits most hotel or banquet chairs

Classic: fits most hotel or banquet chairs

Contempo: fits wider chairs

Folding: Fits folding chairs in both plastic and metal

While the chair covers come in black, white and ivory, they offer 32 different sash colors. Chair sashes are ribbons that are 8″ x 110″, that are tied around the chair to add color, elegance and beauty.

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